for May 1st, May Day

The Diener Family web site is up: shamrockstopoppies.blogspot.com Be sure to open link on "Mother Ferry's Home" Saturday Evening Post May 23rd, 1953 (Detail) by Norman Rockwell Happy Decade Birthday to Sage Grazer [2.6]See current pictures of Sage on April 17th.
Corki says Sage was a bit of a Tom-Boy and hurt herself bouncing on a bed, 2 years old.
Tomorrow pictures of Nate and Mia engagement.


for Wednesday April 30th

Mike Meyer celebrates his 50th Birthday [2.4]with Austin at a ball game with Courtney On the streets of New Orleans In New Orleans with Heather


fort Tuesday April 29th

Happy Birthday Chris Mittleman [2.5]Chris' baptism. Peter and Katie* Ferry [3.0] holding Chris, Julie & Russ* [2.5]. Katie's pictures are scarce. Her dates are 1938-2004. Hopefully someone Comment some information on her. Pike's with their red Beetle and Chris. Chris 12 years old.
I plan to put up the rest of Mike Meyer's birthday pictures tomorrow.
It needs work, but check out "I Remember the Yard?" in NEW & CURRENT


for Monday April 28th

Mike Meyer's 50th Birthday [2.4]Mike and Heather Poster of pictures Party for Mike.  Cheryl and Tommy, Greg and Jeff on right Surprise!  Very Funny.
More pictures from the birthday tomorrow.
Be sure to read Sue's Comment posted yesterday.


for Sunday April 27th

Family homes for Jim Ferry and Jeanne Bishop [2.0] Married 4/26/32Peter L. on the right, Mother Ferry on the steps? [10.0] If the small boy is 9 it is Jack [5.0], If he is 7 it would be Bill[6.0]. 1924. The Yard on San Fernando Rd. would opened this year much to the relief of the neighborhood I am sure. Thanks Marie for the Hi-Res picture. Katherine Bishop's Antique Shop [12.0] 1929
These two picture can give some insight what different backgrounds our parents had and messages we received. Jim [2.1]
See under "NEW & CURRENT",  "I remember the Yard"


for Saturday April 26th --Last Day of Passover

Remembering Jeanne and Jim's wedding day. [2.0]  1932 Holy Family Church
This picture and note are unusual for our family. We almost never saw any visible signs of affection between our parents. When Joanie and I were dating and got a little frisky we were frowned on and tut-tuted. It was ok to love, but no visible affection. I find it hard to understand decades later. More on this tomorrow.  Jim


for Friday April 25th

Happy Big "O" Birthday to Marti [2.6]From another life time, 1971. Grandmother-to-be with Sequoia Marti with her husband Ziggy
It could be 40th, might be 50th. Happy birthday special lady.
............................ Thank you Steve [2.1] for sending this link for painter Sarah Croft http://www.sacbee.com/107/story/885488.html


for Thursday April 24th

Sue [2.3] Jim [2.1] and Mary Jean [2.2] early 40's. The picture I think was taken at the Balboa Island Amusement Park. Click to enlarge and see my decoder ring.


for Wednesday April 23rd

More pictures from ThailandThe Songram Festival, a city wide water fight. Above people waiting to splash passing cars. Click on pictures to enlarge them. Throwing buckets of water on a passing car, Emma is in green with her squirt gun. Emma squirting people from the car. 
What happened to that sweet shy little girl?


for Tuesday April 22nd

Pictures From Mike and Amber Ferry in their new home [2.1]Baby Hedge Caretaker Helen with Hedge and Emma New home in Thailand 
More pictures tomorrow


for Monday April 21st

More on Abigail KetchemMichelle nursing Grandmother Julie [2.5] Abigail 3 weeks old Abigail with Michelle


for Sunday April 20th-First day of Passover

More pictures from the Ketchem family with baby Abigail Sean's father Paul and mother Christie Sean with Michelle Sean, father holding baby, with grandmother, Grandma K Sean with his parents.
More comments posted about yesterday's fishing trip.


for Saturday April 19th

Fishing in Baha, Mexico 1975Lt to Rt: Bill Ferry* [6.0], Russ Pike?* [2.5], Jim Meyer [2.4] Papa Jim* [2.0] Jim Jr. [2.1] Tom O'Laughlin, and John [2.6], not Bill Jr. [6.1]
It was a memorial trip. "What ever happens in...Stays..." Great fishing, cards, booze, and company. Tom, John, and Bill Jr add comments.


for Friday April 18th

John [2.6] and Julie [2.5] fishing at Balboa Island, 1950.


for Thursday April 17th

Corki's daughter, Sage Grazer's NY art opening at the National Arts Club Sage with her dad Brian Sage with her mom, Corki [2.6]
Congratulations to Sage and family and friend.


for Wednesday April 16th

Welcome home Mary Jean Ferry BVM [2.2]  home from Ecuador. See her Comment today.


For Tuesday April 15th

More on Grandma B. [12.0]
A sample of the family tree to later members mentioned in Mama Jean's history; Dumesnil, Ormsby, Harrison, and Oldham. A few months after Grandma B's passing Jim and Jeanne [2.0] made a trip to Louisville, KY to explore family roots. Julie Pike [2.5] and others have made the same trip.
Question? Where did the middle name "Bent" come from?


For Monday April 14th

Going on 30 years since Katherine Bishop passed on at 94. [12.0]
Grandma B on her 93rd birthday. 1884-1979

for Sunday April 13th

Katherine Bent Dumesnil Bishop Passed away going on 30 years ago at age 94. [12.0] Grandma B made a lasting impression on all who knew and loved her.
Our art reception Saturday night was bigger than planned. The police gave up on us controlling the traffic and they shut down the street. Pictures to follow.


Saturday April 12th

The Peter L. Ferry Office and Yard 1927That could be Papa Jim [2.0] in the picture. The white building on the right is the office and I remember it well. Peter L. put his name on everything and every building. Even Mary Alice's car that she used to go to USC had a sign on it. She took off the sign when she was away from home. Papa Jim did just the opposite in signing everything. 
The sheds shown the picture in the background were very old, being moved in used to the yard. The shed in the middle behind Papa Jim is still in use today for storage.


for Friday April 11th

Happy 12th Birthday Brendan Ferry [2.1]The guys on the Alaskan Cruise Last summer: Paddy, Taylor, Joseph, and Brendan. Brendan Ferry, Happy Birthday. He loves the Wii game and is a real chef.
I carried the Olympic Torch in 1984 on a lonely stretch of road on the Oregon California border. The city of Lakeview, OR had a big pancake feed and parade. I carried it for a mile (or more?). Our caravan of trucks and cars passed some farm roads where a few people stood by their mail boxes and waved to us. I'll post the picture when I can find it. Jim [2.1]


For Thursday April 10th

Papa Jim [2.0] at his desk. See Kathleen's desk comment. Year unknown. A younger Jim at the office with Louise, John, and Kathleen. 1953. 
The show opening at the gallery went very well. Three of our artists are on TV tomorrow talking about the show.